The golden rule- treat others the way you want to be treated. It seems pretty simple, but in today's world not so much.

Today’s marketplace has shifted and our audience, for lack of a better word, feel entitled. They feel like they deserve more. They feel like them being a customer of yours is a great gift and honor to you and your brand 'cause they could take their money elsewhere.

Human Needs Psychology says that we have six fundamental human needs.

One of those needs is significance. Significance says “I matter and you know it.” Significance says that “I am  better than you.” It isn't a hundred percent always from an ego place though, of course, it really can be, and depending upon your marketplace and the youth of your marketplace, it really can be.

When you have such a significantly driven audience, how do you really go about making sure your audience does feel loved, appreciated, and significant?

Here's the thing about significant driven people. Tell them that you hear them. Even if you don't agree with your audience, just listen to them and really hear them.

Now, here's the difference between listening and hearing.

Listening you can do. Hearing you really need to engage with.

You need to hear your audience.

Hear from your heart what your audience is really asking for.

When you really understand the heart of what your audience wants by really hearing what they're having to say, it doesn't matter how entitled they feel or significant they feel. You are connecting with your audience on a human need, a human heart level.

Creating the best brand relationship isn’t doing unto others as you want. It is about hearing the heart of your audience.

And that is the best golden rule.