Are you our next MASTER EXPERT?

Ali Craig

Our Master Expert wants to fast-track their growth, influence, and expert status - NOW. This is more than just getting you known, as our Master Expert you know your "stuff" and you want to build your brand,  as well as national and international notoriety. You own your badass beautiful self!

Wanted: Amazing Magazine Seekers Killer Experts

  • Relationships

  • Travel

  • Money/Finances

  • Interior Design

  • Health

  • Sales

  • Organization / Systems

  • Mindset

  • Professional Speaking


let your expert flag fly.


First, off let's be clear. Not everyone gets in. It isn't mean. It isn't that we don't love you. 

We are dedicated to serving the readers and the experts to our highest power. 

As we know that the company we keep matters. 



If you like what you see, and let's be honest, you do. Share with us a little bit about you and let's let this relationship begin. 



Create 12 unique quizzes or articles just for us highlighting your mad, industry skills. (Articles can be 900-2200 words)



The 5-STAR Treatment


As a 2018 EmpiHER™ expert, you will

Praise and Accolades

  • Acknowledgement in the magazine and on the magazine website with links to your company's URL

  • Use of the title and badge icon"Resident  Expert 2018"

  • Custom expert page on the magazine’s website


Be Part Of A Community

  • Private Slack Channel to talk, ask questions, and collaborate with other Master Experts

  • A 2 day mastermind In Las Vegas with your fellow Experts


Grow Your Social

  • A social media photo shoot solo and with your fellow Masters in Las Vegas

  • Social proof like CRAZY from the videos, pics, and shares

  • Four Facebook Live interviews with Ali showing off your brilliance

  • Your wisdom shared and tagged across our social media accounts for an entire year

  • Access to all 100+ social media graphic pieces created each month to support that month’s issues (aka you have a lot of social media content created for your target audience)

  • Four times a year take over our social channels for a day


Build Your Brand

  • A custom brand strategy to maximize your message and promotions

  • Backlinks to your website(s), social media, and promotions putting you in SEO heaven

  • Custom video snippets designed to show off your brand and brilliance

  • Our branding expert helps you craft the perfect articles for your ideal target audience


Marketing and PR

  • Be part of a year-long traditional and online  media push to getting your name out there on an international scale

  • Direct access to our PR team who will be actively working to get you print and TV hits

  • A custom professional media one sheet highlighting your industry brilliance

  • Features countless times on the magazine’s vlog

  • Four page ads a year in the magazine

  • Have 1 major promotion of your choice shared via our social media channels with NO affiliate or kickback

  • 4 custom social media ads per year featuring you and your wisdom

  • Plus have you and or your business story featured in the magazine as well as online

  • One solo press release sharing with the world you as a Master Expert



  • Print copies of any issue you want at "cost" to use however you like (They are awesome as marketing pieces and perfect for live event giveaways.)

  • Share the online issue of the magazine for the entire contributor year (This is a great opt-in and newsletter supplement piece.)

  • Receive 2 print copies for you to have per issue

  • Custom year collaboration special edition for you exclusively featuring all of your articles over  the year.

  • Professionally produced video snippets highlighting your industry knowledge

  • Highlight reel for you to use on your website and social media platforms



And What Really Matters … Social proof of your true expert status.

(Mic drop..BOOM!)


What does it cost to be a part of this amazing once in a lifetime experience and business opportunity?

Because we only offer one expert per category, our expert spots are limited. Once approved as your industry's expert for the magazine a deposit of $1997 is required to hold your expert spot. And just like on HGTV, where a brand is featured, the brand pays to have their product or service featured. We require 12 payments of $797 to cover production and deliverable cost.