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Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Season 3 and 4 Casting: Brand Search

We are traveling across the country to fix the heartbeat of the modern economy- the entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are like no other business.

It isn't just about selling a product or a service, it is about selling the experience, the relationship, and speaking to the social stories that hold the hearts and subconscious minds of our audiences.

And it is these fledgling brands that must be designed as much for their audiences as it is for their authors if they are going to break the statistics and make bank.

Having fixed countless brands over the last 20 years and worked with hundreds of more entrepreneurs, founders, and startups Ali Craig knows that she need to do something radical to get these brands and their founders back on track.

Because in this age of social media where everyone is a critic as well as an instant expert- your business and audience can boom or backfire overnight.

If we have any hope of saving these brands and transforming these businesses,Ali Craig must get these entrepreneurs to embrace the experience they are really selling and escape the mindset that all that they are is just an offer.

  • Reality TV, Documentary

  • Non-Paid

  • Non-Union

  • Demographic: 18+,  All Welcome, Fluent in English

  • Location: Must be able to fly to and within the contential United States


During our 12 episode season to be featured on Brandpreneur™ Network ( available on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Android TV we want to share your story and FIX YOUR BRAND.

Here are the stories we are looking for for Seasons 3 and 4.

  • Story 1: Are you a retail location struggling to stay afloat?

  • Story 2: Is your business the heart of your community, but the struggle is still on?

  • Story 3: Are you a veteran, service person, or first responder who is growing a business or side hustle?

  • Story 4: Is your brand a creative venture that finds it challenging to create consistent cash flow?

  • Story 5: Is your brand a local or regional success looking to go bigger?

  • Story 6: Do you have a corporate job that you want to leave by growing your side hustle into a full-time brand?

  • Story 7: Do you have an artisan product that you want to grow your reach while scaling your business online?

  • Story 8: Are you a  business coach or consultant who is looking to stand out from the crowds?

  • Story 9: Has your business hit a plateau and you are looking on how to grow

  • Story 10: Are you in charge of a  nonprofit organization looking to grow community awareness and resources?

  • Story 11: Are you a service provider looking to diversify and grow your brand new ways?

  • Story 12: Is your long-term business no longer profitable like it once was and you are ready to reimagine your business in a new profitable light?

  • Story 13: Is your brand built out of love, but your bottom line isn’t feeling the love?

  • Other: Need help fixing your brand, but don’t see a storyline that fits? Tell us your story.


This is application is for an on location interview meaning that our small (but mighty crew) will be shooting your story for up to 4 days total ( in New York City, Orlando, FL, as well as your home town) over a 16 weeks plus travel for brand creation elements. After submitting your details below here is what happens:

  • Our team will personally review your application and video. So please be patient as it will take a few days to go through all of the submissions. Aprroved or not, either way, you will recieve an email either way to let you know the status.

  • If approved you will recieve an email requesting to be part of a group interview with fellow potenital show candidates and one of our team members. This recorded video interview takes about 45 minutes. Here we will ask questions with regards to your story and you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered too.

  • Then our team will review the group interview and make our final selections. (Usually takes about 7-10 business days from time of interview.)

  • You will receive an email notifying you of our decision. If approved to be on the show, your email will contain the show agreement, potential shooting dates at your location, as well as a rough shooting schedule.


Brandpreneur™ Network: Fix My Brand With Ali Craig® Season 3 and 4
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