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Social+Proof™ Season 1 Magazine Casting: Online Interview

The truth is testimonials are only good social proof if your audience knows who these testimonials are from. And though the original form of social proof, today's marketplace allows us to build connections fast.

More than just lovely words, creating true social proof is about how to make your business stand out in a clear, united, and strong manner. This is what Social + Proof the magazine and docu-series tv show sets out to teach the modern entrepreneur: how to master the modern marketplace with social proof.

Reality TV, Documentary

  • Non-Paid

  • Non-Union

  • Demographic: 18+,  Male/Female, Fluent in English

  • Location: Worldwide/ Online


Are you an industry expert who has a unique take on how to help entrepreneurs create social proof for their businesses, increase their industry influence and incomes?

Story 1: How to use the media to create social proof.

Story 2: How to use a stage gig to gain massive credibility.

Story 3: How to be an influencer when you are an introvert.

Story 4: Everything you need to know about being an online influencer.

Story 5: How to cultivate the impressions you make into intelligent influence.

Story 6: How to create a community of happy clients and organic online marketers of your work.

Story 7: Which modern marketing platforms are a must.

Story 8: How to best use social proof marketing in your sales funnel.

Story 9: How to show social proof when you don’t have an Instagram worthy brand.

Story 10: The modern way to sell online products

Story 11: How to make your intellectual information stand out

Story 12: How to become the sought-after. industry expert


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