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The Advisers™: Your Questions Answered

Showing the heart and struggle of the modern business owner by featuring the problems that stall their businesses. With our expert panel, we answer their questions and offer real-world solutions from a variety of professional perspectives.

Reality TV, Documentary

  • Non-Paid

  • Non-Union

  • Demographic: 18+,  Male / Female, Fluent in English

  • Location: Worldwide/ Online


During our 12 episode season to be featured on Brandpreneur™ Network ( available on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire, and Android TV we want to share your story.

Here are the stories we are looking for for Season 1.

  • Story 1:  Do you feel like you are doing everything right, but still aren’t seeing the results you feel you should?

  • Story 2: Do you struggle with having you and your brand being seen?

  • Story 3: Struggling with how to deal with client drama?

  • Story 4: Are you unsure how to scale your brand?

  • Story 5: Do you have a question around marketing, money, and reinvestment into the business?

  • Story 6: Want expert advice on a business partner, employees, or independent contractor situation?

  • Story 7: Have a question about launching your next product, offer, or service?

  • Story 8: Wondering if you should keep your business going?

  • Story 9: Wondering how to increase sales, close the deal more often, or ask for higher price points?

  • Story 10: Do you feel like you are missing a step? Ask our experts anything?

  • Story 11: Wondering the best way to create, build, or bring a new product to market?

  • Story 12: What to do when you lose your way?


This is application is for an online interview meaning that after you supply your details below you will receive an email with the following details:

  • A guideline on how to submit your question (by following these guidelines) via our provided online interview format

  • Show’s release form for you to e-sign (so we can share your story)

  • Tips and tricks when it comes to lighting, your camera, what to wear (and what not to wear)

  • As well as how to submit your video story and show release

Plan on your online interview taking about 20 minutes to set up, complete, and submit.


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