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EmpiHER® Magazine: EmpiHER® Feature Profile


Let's get real, building an EmpiHER® isn't easy, but it is an adventure. We want to share your EmpiHER® building adventure - the ups, the downs, and where you are going. Let's feature you, your brand, and your EmpiHER®.

No matter if you have "made it" or are still on the journey, we want to hear about lessons learned, struggles, and success.

We want to share your story with our print and digital magazine readers because we know that in sharing your message and the truth of what it takes to be an entrepreneur as well as what success really looks like you will encourage as well as inspire others (plus promote your amazing work too.)


EmpiHER® readers want to know the truth about what it takes to build an empire. They want to be inspired, motivated and realize that very few of us go fro $0 to 7 figures in a month. So not matter if you feel like you have “made it” or not, your story can inspire and edutain our audience while sharing with the world all that you do.


This is application is for an online interview meaning that after you supply your details below you will receive an email with your online interview questions. Plan on your online interview taking about 20 minutes to set up, complete, and submit.