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Startup Girls’ Club Magazine: 17 Questions Feature


 You have great passion. You have great drive, but let me be really honest with you girl, you don't know everything. Sometimes it's to your advantage, and sometimes that isn't.

Welcome to the Start Up Girls Club.

The Start Up Girl Club brings industry leaders to you, guiding you and your start up in all those business logistics areas like sales, branding, marketing, social media- as well as the the 5 key areas of your ultimate success: peace, prosperity, purpose, profit, and passion.

And most importantly, it's about creating a community that really gets answers. Because it is that combination (community + content) that makes ideas ignite.


We want to know about you. You life, yourwork, and “why” you do what you do.


This is application is for an online interview meaning that after you supply your details below you will receive an email with your online interview questions. Plan on your online interview taking about 20 minutes to set up, complete, and submit.