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Startup Girls' Club™ Magazine: Spark Story™ Feature Profile


We all have one. That moment where an idea hits our hearts and head. This idea isn't a passing thought. It is the spark that starts you living your soulfire™.

We want to share your story our print and digital magazine readers because we know that your spark is contagious in all the good ways. Share your spark with the world to promote your message and help ignite the hearts of others.


Your spark has set your heart and soulfire™ on fire, let's get your spark known, your message heard, your passion felt all the while transforming the hearts, minds, lives, and sparks of others.


This is application is for an online interview meaning that after you supply your details below you will receive an email with your online interview questions. Plan on your online interview taking about 20 minutes to set up, complete, and submit.