On many levels we all do, yet far too often we don’t. We don’t celebrate our accomplishments or milestones.

Celebrations are more than an over glorified party or a “look at me” moment. Celebrations are moments to take a pause- stop- reflect- and enjoy.

So this month we celebrate: big and small.

We celebrate that we are in month 7 of EmpiHER™. And just like an 7 month old baby we are evolving, growing, and outgrowing many of the ways in which we started. (check out page 10 for the full scoop.)

We celebrate the connections, collaborations, and community that are evolving between readers, contributors, and our intersecting audiences.

And on a personal note, I celebrate my 20th birthday in this field called Brand.

I encourage you to stop passing up the moments of celebration.



And soak in the moment.

Celebrate the people who have helped you get there. Celebrate your commitment to see it through.

Celebrate the fact that you delivered your best.

Let’s celebrate!


Ali Craig