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ISIM and EmpiHER Magazine Intention to Income Masterclass

Intention To Income Masterclass

Who DOESN'T want to make more income?

No one.

We all would love increased incomes especially if we don’t have to add  anything to our “to do” lists.


The truth is a larger income is just as easy as increasing your intentions.

Now that may sound too far fetch, or the power positive thinking brought to the extreme, but it isn’t.

In our 45 minute master class let EmpiHER Magazine and the International Society Of Impressions Managers™ show you the science  behind increased intentions and increase income.

· Create greater influence online and offline

· How to create greater trust faster within your brand and personal relationships

· Maximize your existing relationships vs. always focusing on creating new ones



FEBRUARY 20th @ 7pm est / 4pm pst