Best Version of You

Let’s be honest, most of us don’t own our brilliance. We know our weaknesses just as well as we know our strengths and for some rea-son those weaknesses shine way brighter in our mind than our strengths do. 

Blame it on social programming, this bastardized version of humility is HUGELY screwing up how you come across to the world as well as with your own happiness. 

What is a girl to do? 

Here are a few ways to own your brilliance and be the best version of you always: 

• Keep a running list of all of your achievements. Far too often we downplay the fact that we found a cure for cancer and we overplay in our mind that we forgot to take the trash to the street for pick up. Doh! 

• Create an “I love you” box. Anytime someone says something nice, you get a “Thank You” card, throw it in the box. And yes take pics and print out those texts and social media posts that speak to your brilliance. 

• Have inspiration close at hand. From inspirational books to a deck of quote cards that put it all in perspective- keep yourself inspirationally grounded. 

The next time you feel down or off or you simply aren’t owning your true brilliance read your list of accomplishments or all those notes of love or grab a bit of inspiration to refocus yourself. 

And the #1 thing you can do to own your brilliance is to get a vi-sion. 

Yes, every single day for at least 5 minutes, take time to envision yourself being the badass expert, fully owning and embodying all that you are. Play out different scenarios, both personally and pro-fessionally. Pay attention to how you move, talk, what you wear, act, react, who is around, etc. 

By experiencing yourself in your full glory, your subconscious mind will work to make it your conscious reality sooner than later. Yes, you can own your brilliance and be your badass self however that looks like for you. 

For more ways to always be on your “A” game, aka the best ver-sion of you, check out the International Society of Impression Man-ager’s instagram @10ximpressions. 

Ali Craig