How To Shift Your Money Vibe

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“If you're not making as much money as you'd like, then you're holding onto some negative beliefs about yourself and how much money you're capable of flowing in.” 

How many times have you read or been told that if you’re not earning the amount of money you desire, that you’re blocking it somehow? 

Or that you have some subconscious beliefs around it. 

Does that ever sound annoying? Or slightly condescending? 

But what if it were true? 

The thing is how do you know what you’re believing, both consciously and unconsciously around money? There is a ton of stuff floating around the internet about attracting abundance. Some of it is really powerful and useful, a lot of it is bland and blah! 

17 million ways to do affirmations, visualizations, vision boards, tricks, magic, spells, money yoga, money Feng Sui, the Tao of money, you name it – there is a cult around it. 

All that information about wealth and success, but proportionately very few people who have got their money shit together. 

Why is that? 

Let’s just clear through all the white money noise and get to the nitty gritty (which is certainly smooth and shiny from a millionaire’s point of view). 

Let’s debunk some myths: 

• Money doesn’t have power 

• Money doesn’t have an opinion 

Money is not a lover, an angel or an evil. 

• Money is entirely neutral. 

Money is never a problem, except when humans get involved. 

Because money is just a medium for exchange. It’s a damn useful commodity for humans to share their value in the world and improve humanity. 

And how much we get to work and play with it depends on one thing: how much attention we put on it and what perspective we have about it. 

In other words how we feel about it, and how canny we are at managing it. 

That’s it. No magic there. 

But most people’s emotions around money and their managing skills absolutely suck. 

I know because for many years, so did mine. 

But I identified three areas that were severely hindering my happiness and prosperity. 

Because money is an energy of communication, between you, it and the world, a mirror that reflects back to you every hang-up and bit of woolly thinking you can produce. 

Money doesn't have an opinion about you but if you have one about money, you can be sure it will respond as an exact replica of the energy you give it. 

Maybe you can relate to this? 

For many years I was operating with money in avoidance, disempowerment and fuzziness. 

Naturally, as I avoided taking care of money, it avoided me. 

As a result of that, I was fearful and so money controlled me rather than me controlling it. 

And as I was so fuzzy about my value in the world and the value of money, naturally what comes back is money fuzz! 

Money is an energy. 

We are energy. 

It reflects our energy and we reflect its energy. 

So it follows then that we owe it to ourselves (pun intended!) that we become masters of our energy, our monergy! Our money vibe. 

So here are three things you can do to raise your monergy levels today. 

1. Examine the QUALITY OF ATTENTION you give money – are you as happy to have it flowing out as you are flowing in? Are you truly overjoyed to pay bills? What about taxes and charges? Are you grateful and attentively tracking it? How do you really, deeply feel about money? Are you checking, tracking your income daily? (What you focus on expands!) What is your default ‘attitude’ about money? Journal on how you hang out with money and what you talk about together. 

2. List all the LIFE QUALITIES money symbolizes for you – is it power? Freedom? Peace? Fun? Altruism? Growth? Contribution? What else? Now go and practice ‘BEING’ those qualities... Find your inner power. Check in with how free you really feel and how you can really expand your horizons. How much peace is in your life? What priority do you give to fun? How much do you use your money for others? How do you invest in your learning? What kind of an impact are you having in the way you show up in the world? Being always precedes doing and having so go BE money in all its varieties! Being abundance attracts what? Yep, you guessed right! 

3. Get this paradox into your DNA: To "want" money is to lack money, when we "want" we are energetically in lack. And to stop that lack, we have to fall in love with who we really are. So ‘married’ to our own truth and value, that there is no


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more neediness for 'security'. So full that we believe always that our ma-terial needs will be taken care of. So full that the beauty of nature, of hu-man friendship, of the fun of the life merry-go-round, becomes more im-portant than striving for the trappings of success. Because - and this is ‘law’- being full of the wonder at your own awesomeness, mindful as a ninja of the infinite possibilities that you have in this world, devoted to ‘boldacious day dreaming about your highest vision of life without be-ing fixed on the ‘hows’ your money vibe will rise up and hit the stratosphere, right where that big pile of moola is floating about in the cos-mos waiting for you to be, feel and act just like a big pile of moola floating about in the cosmos. It has your name written all over it. So ban-ish the word ‘want’ from your vocab-ulary forever. 

Raising your money vibe means shifting your focus about money from having to being. 

Being always precedes doing and having. 

Being The Change We Want to See In Our Bank Accounts means just that - resonating OUR ENERGY from the life qualities that we desire, in order for THE ENERGY OF MONEY to shine back at us in the mirror with a nod of its approving head and a “You’re looking good, babe” compliment. Sweeeeet. 

Ali Craig