Right Words: Asking For...

Most of us are more than happy to give. 

Yet, when we need something, we find it hard to ask. 

Maybe it is because we don’t want to look weak. Or we don’t want the social embarrassment of being turned down- whatever the reason is we choose to go without, 

Stop it. Self deprecation does not look good on you. 

Here is how to ask and still feel awesome. 

Hey Sarah! 

I am working on this super cool project called (Insert about the project- mine reads) EmpiHER™- a digi-tal and print mag- that is designed for super cool chicks, just like you, to share their industry shattering wisdom with other ladies building their empires. 

And I can’t stop thinking about you. 

I love (Insert what you love about them) that you are a true craftswoman in your field. You know what really works and why it works. 

I would love for you to share your wisdom with our readers. 

If this sounds like a fun adventure to be on together- let me know and we can chat about all the details. 

Besides wanting to partner together the next thing we should be asking for is testimonials. Here is how I do it. 

Hey Sarah! 

I have so adored our time together. 

I would love to capture your thoughts and take aways all the while promoting your expertise too. 

Could you please do me the honor of answering these three simple questions? 

1. Before we started to work together you (what was your struggle and feelings) 

2. During our time together, you were (surprised, ex-cited, shocked by) 

3. After working together, you (what burden has been taken away since our time together ones you ex-pected and the ones you weren’t expecting) 

No matter what you are asking for, just ask. 

Ali Craig