Trends: Unicorns


Unicorns are everywhere and they are going NO-WHERE. 

Love these mythical, magical, rainbow spreading beasts or not- unicorns and what they stand for are trends that will never go away. 

Unicorns tap into the biology of our youth aka a simpler time. 

What unicorns really tap into are every fairytale ever told. They reignite our imaginations that yes, anything is possible, that the good wins in the end, and love, peace, and joy is what life is meant to be. 

The idyllic beliefs just don’t work because of our social programing. Fairytales in general are so powerful be-cause they talk to the true programing of our brains: love, peace, and joy. (Yes, we learn all this nasty stress, fear, anxiety.) 

Creating such idyllic conditions is easy when you look at your brand as the full experience it is. To tap into this love affair with your audience base make sure that your total experience brings to life a youth filled, carefree, ease to your audience. Stress the positive over the negative and never share your professional stress with them. Remember unicorns poop rainbows not the smelly brown stuff. 

Want to learn more about how your brand can use the so-cial trends to your advantage? Check out the vidcast series #TRENDS at the Neuro Human Branding® Academy. 

Ali Craig