What Your Audience Really Wants

If you are like most brands, you truly want to give your audience what they want. You want to please them, to serve them. You want to make your audience happy. 

Have you ever wondered “What does my audience really want?” 

You feel like you deliver on everything that they say that they want, but that hasn’t changed your brand dynamic or bank account. 

Well, no matter who your audience is. No matter where they live, what they do, how much money they make, if they are male or female - I can guarantee you that I know exactly what they want right now. 

Here is how. 

Though we like to think of ourselves as complex be-ings, the truth is that humans have a few base trig-gers. We have innate human needs that get us every time. 

And though your unique blend of audience may slightly prefer one thing over another, there come moments when one innate need blankets an entire culture. 

We have been under one of these said blankets for almost two years now and this cultural blanket isn’t going anywhere. 

What is it? 

It is the act of being heard. 

I know that may not sound very revolutionary, but hear me out. (bud um bum… is my mic on here.. You're killin’ me) 

The art of being heard has very little to do with the act of listening. Because you can listen to a lot of things, but never hear the message. 

Hearing- true hearing- is about filtering the message through your mind, heart, and body. It is about com-prehending on a conscious and unconscious level. 

We live in a culture where we move at a faster pace than ever before. We consume more information in a day than our ancestors did in a lifetime. So why do we continue to promote ourselves and business with anti-quated and under performing logic-based methods? The Neuro Human Branding® method uses our human instinct to our advantage to create a multidimensional framework for any brand to use to create deeper cus-tomer/brand relationships fast. 


Few people, especially brands, take the time to do this and then we end up with marketing nightmares like Kylie Jenner and Pepsi. 

Yet, if you are committed to creating true community connection (See Feb’s article), the art of hearing will become as natural as breathing to you. 

And it is exactly what your audience really wants - to be fully and completely heard. 

Ali Craig