So many Social Media options… it’s time to FOCUS

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So many Social Media options… it’s time to FOCUS

Spring has sprung and as you smell the new flowers, you realize that the first quarter of 2018 is almost over.  What? Where did the time go? 2018 is supposed to be your year for Social Media growth! You know you need to be on Social Media, but which network? LinkedIn? Facebook? Instagram? All of the above?

It’s time to FOCUS!

Each channel has its own culture, is used in different ways and the audience on those channels is different.  There is no longer a “one-platform fits all” model. With so many options for delivering your message and building your brand, I have good news.  You don’t have to be everywhere! You only need to be where your audience is hanging out and understand the culture of those social networks. The rest doesn’t matter. If they hang out on Facebook and you are spending most of your time on Instagram, you might be missing the boat.  

Here is a breakdown of how the platforms differ as well as a few things you might want to keep in mind as you create content to post on these networks. Remember, it all comes down to your own brand’s social media strategy.  What works for one business doesn’t work for another as their products/services differ just as much as their customer base.

Facebook: Let’s start with the King and be real; with over 2 Billion users, every demographic is there.  The core of Facebook "culture" is friendship. Everyone from your childhood friend to your grandmother's friend's husband is treated as a “friend” on Facebook. Therefore, your customers should be treated the same way. Don't get me wrong, you should still have a business page but the friendship culture means a light and informal. Individuals on Facebook like to engage more with photos and posts that are funny and/or inspirational.

Twitter: Your time and space are very limited on this platform.  You can type up to 240 characters in your posts. Think of it like a news broadcasting channel for your brand.  Your tweets should be short, catchy, to the point. Your audience here is a huge crowd with a very short attention span, ready to switch to the next channel any minute. With millions of “tweets” being posted each second, most of your followers will never see yours. This means you need to re-post your content over and over again. Twitter uses #hashtags. You can use them to join an existing conversation or start your own. This will share your tweet to anyone who searches for that hashtag.

Instagram:  Primarily a photo & video sharing platform which is like having your own visual magazine for your brand. It stands out and is extremely popular because Instagram provides the perfect arena to create your brand’s voice and personality. Images make a more lasting impression than text alone. It is the second most engaging social network after Facebook (this makes sense as Facebook owns Instagram), but unlike Facebook, Instagram is very Hashtag heavy. You can use up to 30 hashtags in your posts so your images will show up when people search for that hashtag.  With the addition of stories last year, Instagram has a variety of ways to interact with your audience and have them follow your brand.

LinkedIn:  I have saved the best for last.  Yes, LinkedIn is my top platform for building professional relationships as it is strictly business focused. LinkedIn is growing and has over 500 million professional users. When someone “googles” your name, your LinkedIn profile will be one of the top search results.  This platform provides a great way to showcase your personal brand and build a network of professionals. With the ability to write article directly onto the platform, upload videos, search for new connections and get introduced, it is definitely different from the rest.

It’s great to know about all these platforms, but you need to think about how they can benefit you and then decide if it will fit into your social media strategy. Unfortunately, we can’t do everything and be everywhere; you need to understand your brand goals and where your customer is.  What platforms will you be using this year? Let us know.


I'm Stacy and I have been called many things: Social Media Strategist, Digital Marketing/Media Consultant, Online Business Specialist, LinkedIn Expert and probably a few more. 

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