Your Wisdom, Your Work: How to Use YOU as Your Best Marketing Tool

The idea of sharing your unique approach and wisdom is nothing new. 

Yet, honestly do we really? 

Many times we edit our-selves, pay others to edit us, or outsource the task completely. 

No matter which one you do, it is not you being truly you. 

How can you get out of your own editing way and into your unique market groove? 

1. Talk it out. Our speaking voice is more natural and relational than our written tone. Plus with the increased use of Siri and Alexa conversational copy converts better. 

2. Know your stories. Stop sharing other people’s analogies. You are creative. Share your own. 

3. Show your work in action. Don’t talk about it. Use video and your expert status to show your work process in action. 

4. Own your true transformation. Your work transcends the tangible. Share the intangible. 

5. Be as creative as you truly are. Don’t share your story. message, or marketing in the same ol’ same ol’ way. 

Be creative. Be original. 

Be you. And don’t 

let anyone stop you. 

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Ali Craig