The laptop lifestyle is one that many people envy. And though awfully lovely on many lev-els, it makes the work bag you choose truly your office on the go. 

Just google search “laptop bags” and you are going to see some pretty ugly sites. And most of the “cute bags” barely hold your lap-top, let alone a notebook, your wallet, or any-thing else. 

Here are my top 5 favorites: 

Henri Bendel’s West 57th Travel Duffle: The Henri Bendel line is a personal favorite of mine. And though they have a briefcase in this series, it is their duffle that I carry. The duf-fle easily houses a laptop, ipad, 3 notebooks, a wallet, book, and all of the chargers you would need. http://bit.ly/2sBoKWN

Kate Spade’s Watson Lane Lyla: This bag has the size and is built to last. Classic in its style, it knows how to keep looking good no matter how rough the roads get. http://bit.ly/2C665X9

Michael Kors’ Mercier Extra Large Leather Tote: How can you not adore this bag? Think of the statement it says about you and who your brand is. Best of all the structured design and built in organization keeps you always knowing where all your business essentials are instantly.

And if you are looking for something a bit more statement making. Check out the Voy-ager Medium Logo Tote http://bit.ly/2E4AvtA

Burberry’s The Large Banner in Brogue Detail Leather: This classic tote looks like an innocent Burberry bag, but it can hold everything your business heart desires. And as with everything that Burberry does, this tote exudes details and excellence. http://bit.ly/2BCHkB4

Ali Craig