Free is killing your brand. 

There I said it. And it is totally true. 

This crappy idea of giving your best content away for free is bull. 

First off once they pay, your client wants better than what you gave them for free. And when they realize that you are like that block buster movie that gave away all the best scenes in the preview, we all will feel the let down. 

Plus you train your audience to just wait until you create something for free. Why should they give you money when you are happy to give, give, give. 

The truth is free is truly killing your brand. Besides training your audience to be a bunch of freeloaders, it takes your crea-tive and financial resources away from the clients who are actually paying you. 

Now this isn’t to say that you can’t give items away to grow your list or reach. Here are a few win win ideas on how to do this. 

1, Rotate an item that your audience sees for “free” every few months. This could be an ebook or subscrip-tion. 

2. Create a limited opportunity to see you in action. Consider doing a live hot seat for all to see your coach-ing chops in action. Then take this recording and use it for marketing videos. 

3. Behind the scenes. We all want to know the behind the scenes of a business. Co host a Facebook live stream with a former client where you chat about them, your work, and what really goes on. This type of event allows for people to have real takeaways through your client’s personal experience while creating social proof. 

The point of the giveaway is to help your audience and show your expertise. Free for the sake of free doesn’t do that. 

Ali Craig