Conversation starters: YOU ARE THE 1

Claiming your number one status of awesomeness is so  much more than just a list of your accomplishments. The  truth is just like your work, what makes you the number  one professional in your industry is so much more than  your tangible deliverables.

So the next life you need to tell  a potential client you are the  expert for theft. Don’t use your  words, use your ideal client’s  words.

Now don’t start quoting testimonials from your clients.  That would be weird.


Instead, start asking the type of clients you want more of,  these three simple questions and repeat what they say to your potential new business mate.

  1. Before you started working with me you...
  2. During our work together you were most surprised/  excited/ relieved by...
  3. Fast forward to today, what benefit has our work together provided you that you never expected...

These three simply worded, yet very powerful questions give you the answers you need to fully communicate the real benefit of your work all the while showing your potential client that you get them and you can get them through this.

Ali Craig