How much follow up is too much follow up

We all know that attention spans are getting shorter and shorter and the bombardment of emails, advertisements, etc is just getting too much for our clients.

How are you to know how much follow  up  is  too  much  follow up?

We have heard the statstics that you need 16 interactions before a prospect says ” Yes.”

But that does not mean 16 “Buy me now” emails. (Please back away from the mass auto responder emails.)

Here is how to gauge the types, tones, and timing of your follow up.

1.  Is your brand a luxury item? The answer for many of you is “Yes.” Well, take a cue from the high

end luxury stores. Personalized follow up in various mediums email, text, and phone. Aka no mass emails.

2.  Samples. Samples even of a complimentary service or product is a great way to have your audience feeling obligated to say “yes” while also having them experience your luxurious brilliance.

3.  Mean what you say. From specials to doors closing, mean what you say. Don’t have a 48 hours sale that goes on for 4 months. Your audience is smart. Show them and yourself a bit of respect by honoring your word.

The simple rule of thumb is the more luxurious an item or service is the less follow up there is but that follow up is very personalized.

No matter what your business is, 16 interactions does not mean 16 emails. The study quotes impressions of a brand. Your audience needs 16 brand impressions/ interactions with your brand for them to say yes.

So if all of your marketing endeavors from social media to social proof are working- it won’t be hard to take a new lead and convert them into a hot client.

This  is  a  relationship,  people. You  are  currently  at  the  “pre ask out” phase.

So don’t be creepy, play  it  cool.

Ali Craig