Logistical selling is easy. List the facts. This product helps “x.” It creates “y.” It costs “z.” Done. That’s it. Explanation over.

Yet we all know, that most audiences don’t care about the logistics. Logistics are every- where. Your audience doesn’t choose you because they think the  way  you  bulleted the details out with arrows is way cooler  than how your competitor bulleted  their same list of facts out with boxes.

Selling beyond the logistics just feels complicated.

And it is when you are looking at only the tangible transaction of the sale.

But when you stop and look at your brand relationship at hand , guess what, this selling thing becomes a whole lot easier.

Here  is  how  to  sell  the Neuro Human Branding Way:

Step 1.

If you were telling your bestie about this what would you say. How would you describe it? What would be the key benefits to them? Why should they trust you? (outside of the fact that you are besties)

Step 2.

Is there a cultural reference I can use to better communicate the feeling I am trying to get across? This could be a movie, tv show, cultural story or fantasy that we all have (like we all innately want that prince charming to  find  us and to live happily ever after). Gifs  are  your best friend here.

Step 3.

How does this serve on a primal level? All great products or services tap the primal side of

the brain. Is there exclusivity? Does it create community? Does it make them an authority or sought after by others? Does it make them more attractive or appealing to others?

When you step away from the transactional thinking and step into your relationship perspective, creating sales copy that converts is easy.

You begin the relationship and layer in the neuro human branding™ to create a more well rounded and fulfilling experience for your audience. Just like your service or product delivers.

Ali Craig