The idea of making a splash may sound a bit cliché, but when it comes to your marketing endeavors we all say we want it.

(Yet we don’t.)

Think  about  it,  what  makes a splash when you are at the pool.

You can have kiddies waving their arms and kicking their legs, but that isn’t the type of big, huge, industry influencing tidal wave you were thinking of. To create that type of

splash you have to do a cannonball off of the highest diving board possible.

To make the size splash you really want, you have to go big, go clean and bold, go away from the conventional, be willing to accept a little bit of pain and always swim to the top.


Are  you  doing  all  the following  5  steps  with  your marketing?  The  answer  is  no.

1.  Go big. Going big is about using the platforms others won’t. It isn’t about choosing the medium that all others say “can’t be done.”

2.  Go clean and bold. With your message, design and offer.

3.  Go away from the conventional. There are going to be lots of opinions on what you should do. Don’t listen.

4.  Be willing to accept a little bit of pain. In the moment that you achieve the splash you were aiming for, it may feel more painful vs successful.

5.  Always swim to the top. Once you actually achieve all that you wanted, it may not look like it. Just remember,don’t stop. Keep swimming to the top.


Ali Craig