Most  brandsare  luxury  brands.

And this idea freaks out most entrepreneurs.

But just because you are a luxury brand it doesn’t mean you are not an approachable luxury.

Approachable luxury brands are Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Henri Bendel, Jimmy Choo, and Kate Spade.

All of these brands have moderate prices and up. They each create a unique experience and

unapologetically price their goods. Most importantly though their brands are designed for self selection and a great experience for all who invest.

And  this  is  exactly what  you  need.

You  need  and  want  your audience  to  self  select.

You know everyone isn’t for you. And your people want that experience of luxury when they say yes to you. (If you have never experienced going to buy a handbag at any of these stores. The packaging is heavenly.)

Own your luxury status and know that in owning it that you are still approachable to all the right people.

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Ali Craig