It  has  happened  to  all  of  us.  People love  us.  Totally  want  to  work  with  us. All  for  FREE.

The opportunity may be posed as an “opportunity” for press, exposure, practice, however they put it they want you to work for gratis.

So how do you say “No, Thank You!”?

Here is how I do it.


Hey Sarah! Wow!

What you are up to sounds amazing! And that is so kind of you to think of me.

Though I think your project is awesome, I must respectfully decline collaborating with you on a pro bono basis.

But I would love to collaborate with you on this if we can find a way to compensate my professional expertise. If you think this is possible, let’s set up a time to chat. 

Either way, I am super excited for you. And I look forward to seeing all that you bring forth.

Much Love!

Ali Craig