Far too often we preach to our  clients  and  customers to stand in their strength.

To own it. To be it.

Yet, if we are honest, we don’t stand in our true strengths as brands when it comes to the experience we offer to our audiences.

We skimp out and send the welcome email vs the welcome gift box.

We post “Happy Holidays” vs mailing a handwritten card.

We don’t take the time to acknowledge the client anniversaries or follow up with a contact just because.

We  justify  playing  small because  everyone  else does it.

We blame money, time, resources, support, and simply feeling overwhelmed for the reasons why we don’t step into and do what we really love.

So let’s stop with the excuses and let’s stand in our brand’s power.

What  kind  of  experiences do  you  love  and  do  you love  to  have  with  your clients  and  customers?

Let’s  make  a  list.

• Do you love giving gifts?

• Do you love going out for lunch or dinner?

• Do you love instant communication or is there an art to a handwritten letter for you?

• Do you have an obsession with flowers?

• Are you a shoe or jewelry girl?

• Or are you a bookworm?

• Journal obsessed?

• Agenda junkie?

• Social mediaholic?

If it is an experience you love to have then it is an experience your audience wants to have with you.

Your audience and you have more in common than you think. Your relationship goes further than your logistics of a transaction. Your relationship is about the entire experience which, just like life, goes further than the logistics of your brand. So share the aspects of “further” that you love.

Ali Craig