trends: Mega savings

Just look around, you see both big and small brands doing it, the MEGA SAVVVIIINNNGGGS. (I hope you heard that in my radio announcer voice).

Yes, savings and getting a good deal have been around and will always be around. But these extreme deals of 6 months of unlimited pasta for $149 or 12 weeks of burgers for $59 - the truth is the numbers don’t add up yet more and more brands create these whacky deals.


• The underdog wins. We are programed to believe that the little guy wins. David beats Goliath. Well with these crazy deals- nothing can be mathematically truer.

• These deals always revolve around family or food because we are biologically programed to take care of the ones we love and our basic needs.

• Bigger is better. Yes, our Western society teaches us from birth that bigger, more, surplus is the best way to be. And these mega deals deliver just that.

Now that is not to say that offering a mega deal is a smart or viable choice for your brand. For most brands it is a dumb move. But why it works isn't.

The sense of having your customer feel like they are getting a fair deal, the sense of family needs being met, and not barely making it are all elements that we can speak to and make sure that our brand experiences reflect.

Best of all we get the trend benefits without the risky financial move.

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Ali Craig