Few things are worse than being tongue-tied.


The easiest way to eliminate this predicament is to “prethink” how the ideal, best version of you would handle such situations. (To learn more about being the best version of you, check out the article deep diving into this topic here).


By envisioning what you will say, how you will move, feel, and act- you are able to use your subconscious mind to your advantage.


Here are a few scenarios to “prethink” on:

  • What do you say when someone wants to give up?

  • Why should your audience begin to work with you?

  • Why does your work really matter?

  • Why do you love what you do?

  • What motivates your work?

  • What is the number 1 misconception of you and your work?

  • When someone wants you to justify your price?

  • What do you do?

  • Why should a potential client choose you over (insert your competition’s name here)?


To learn more about how to be the best version of you, check out the International Society of Impression Manager's site.