Ali Craig

Writing the perfect copy is part science and part art.


You must fill it with energy, life, and fun. So yes, do NOT just "get it done" or attempt to write anything (social media post, web copy, sales copy, etc) when you are stressed or pissed off. 


Outside of making sure that you are in a good, zen-filled mood, great copy comes from a strategy and structure.


Think of your copy as the story that it really is. And just like with any great story, there is a process to walk through in creation so that the reader has an amazing experience. 

To do this, I use a good ol' fashion storyboard.



Below is the storyboard I use to create content for my personal high-end luxury clients. It is a pretty self-explanatory process, but if you want the 411 on it,  check out the latest issue of EmpiHER