Stalk the websites of other brands you like and find their photographers.

You can also start by doing a search for branding photographers and peruse their portfolios. Don't limit yourself to your local area either, consider traveling to a photographer or tying a shoot into a conference or business trip if possible! However, don't get too hung up on whether someone you like is officially a branding photographer. This is an important consideration but how you feel about their work is ultimately more important.

You may also want to ask whether they've worked with entrepreneurs before. Even if they aren't a branding photographer but they regularly shoot entrepreneurs, then they may be willing and able to accommodate your requests and create fantastic brand images for you.

Once you've made an initial selection, it's time to dig deep and figure out all of the details.

Your  experience will be so much better if you take the time to understand exactly what you're getting.


There's nothing worse than finding out after the fact that you are missing something you desperately needed to accomplish your goals for the photos.


**What's included on the day of the shoot?**

Be sure to get really clear on what is provided the day of the shoot. For instance, will hair and makeup be included or do you need to arrange for your own? If you're going to invest in professional photos, you want to make sure you look your best so hair and makeup are essential. Some photographers include it in the price and have their own vendors that they bring in for shoots while others may have recommendations but leave the booking and price up to your  discretion.

Ask how much guidance your photographer will provide. An experienced photographer should be able to discuss things like what to wear, how to pose, what set dressings you'll need so you don't have to figure that all out on your own. Consider both preparing for the shoot and what will happen during the shoot here because both are equally important!

Get clear on where your shoot will happen. Will it be on location or only in a studio? If you have a vision of shooting in a gorgeous downtown office space but the photographer only offers studio shots, you want to know this before you book. you want to know this before you book. You deserve the type of shoot you want but you have to be sure you know what your location options are before you secure a spot with someone. Similarly, consider how many sets, outfit changes, hair and makeup changes, or even location changes you have based on the booking you select.

This generally comes down to the types of packages a photographer offers so taking the time to understand what those look like will help you make a decision. Often, a package price will be better than paying by the image but review them to be sure you're getting as many images as you need as well as any other things you want to have.

Also consider what options you have for  purchasing additional images after your shoot. You may decide you want to get more images than you planned so knowing ahead of time what the price point is for additional images will help you make the right decision for your bottom line.


Ask about usage rights.

The last consideration here I want to discuss is  usage rights, and this is a biggie! You want to be very clear on this one, especially if you are working with someone who doesn't typically work with brands. As an entrepreneur, you will very likely want to use your images in a variety of ways so having full usage rights is important.

For instance, portrait photographers are more used to selling prints and digital files for personal use, not for commercial use. Determine whether you will receive the full usage rights in your package and, if not, how much it will cost you to do so *before* you book. You don't want to be surprised by a large charge for commercial usage after you pay a deposit or, worse, after your shoot, because you didn't ask this!



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I created Own Your Brand™ because I know that I can use my love of art and business to help support other women business owners iN achieving their dreams. Running your own small business is hard. Putting yourself out there is definitely NOT easy.

One of the most important things you can do for your business is make a strong first impression and put out a professional image. That’s where I come in. Get in touch so we can talk about how you can own your brand through powerful imagery.