Achieving Brand                   Consistency on


Social Media







If you are serious about Social Media for your business, and you should be, then brand  consistency is the key to success.


Social Media is often seen as a fun, cheerful way to get the word out about your business.  


Although this is true, it also needs to be an  investment of your time to develop your Social Media networks and you need to have a plan to keep your brand consistent.

There are so many reasons why you need to stay consistent with your brand.  Here are 5 things to keep in mind to grow your audience while making a difference for your followers and your business. Remember, you don’t have to be everywhere and to ensure your social media is directed to the right audience, think about their needs and put them first.  


If your customers recognize and  remember your brand, they are more likely to refer your business or purchase themselves.  People buy from businesses they know, like and trust.  


Trust is a huge part of brand loyalty and consistency across all your social media accounts will build trust with your  followers.


There is no better way to stand out then being visually consistent on Social   Media.  If your brand can be recognized with names, handles, taglines, colours & logos, it will set you apart from your competitors.  Focus on your headers, profile pics and bio. Without consistency, your brand might get lost in the crowd.  


Helping your brand stand out on Social Media goes beyond the visuals, I’m talking about the personality of your brand. How you communicate your brand’s online personality (your personality) makes your brand relatable to your audience & gives you authority.  Your tone of voice and language, especially in video, can have a huge impact on how your brand is received on Social Media.  There is no right answer here; you need to focus on what works for your audience.

Stand Out:

One of the biggest ways brands stand out across all Social Media platforms is by offering value.  If you are offering value to your audience, they will continue to follow you and refer you.  This means not only posting to advertise a service or product, but also offering education, information and posts that are of interest to your followers.  And it also means keeping your platforms current and up to date.  Nothing says, “I don’t care” to a potential customer than an unused social network.  They also might think you are closed for business.  


 Quality of quantity. The frequency of your posts depends on the needs of your audience.  Posting regularly doesn’t mean posting all the time just for the sake of posting.  Understand the needs of your audience & remember that it is all about them. Post quality content that will help develop a relationship with your audience & increase engagement.  If they know what to expect from you, and you are consistent, they will be on the look out for what you are posting.

The reason you have a current loyal fan base on social media in the first place is probably because of the quality of your content and how you interact with your audience.

When you’re inconsistent, your followers may find this unappealing and you may lose their “like”. The whole point of social media is to reach as many people as possible, and you can only do this if you are consistent with everything you do on all your platforms.

Remember… people want to buy from businesses they know, like and trust – and a consistent brand is a brand they want to buy from.





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