Everything is energy, including your business!

‘Quantum’ is not just a lofty thingy that Einstein said some intelligent things about. It is the new watchword of business and lifestyle.

In fact, not even a watchword, probably a new, every-day phrase, like ‘Quantum Media’, or ‘Quantum Shopping’ (oh, wait, I just googled Quantum Shopping and it's already here! You can now get French Fashion Leisure wear with ‘Butterfly Effect’ motifs - $300 for a sweatshirt !)


As it happens, there are dozens of ‘Quantum’ labelled businesses out there, everything from  financial advice to fishing rods. We are right slap bang in the middle of a revolution which will rock our molecular little butts, in the way we live and thrive. We are at the threshold of (drum-roll)energetic marketing, which means living and working by mastering our ‘vibe’!

So how can you jump on this revolution and put it to work for your best life?


Firstly let’s go through an ABC of Quantum Theory, as it is relevant for your livelihood. (You can google ‘quantum theory’ for all the  scientific nitty gritty!)

1. So you’ve probably heard that everything is energy – that means waves and particles in  constant motion. Even Starbucks, Nike and Instagram. They were created from nothing but an idea (wave) and look where that went (lots of particles!)


This also means that nothing is set in stone and everything is in constant flux. Companies come, projects go. We rise, we fall and fail, and rise again even better. Money, the whole center of the commerce universe is a great example of quantum theory. Money is an energy form that doesn’t like stasis. It likes to be constantly flowing. Our job is to paddle and swim in it.

2. Contrary to appearances of a very solid planet, we live in subjective world - nothing  materializes  until someone’s looking at it!