When your audience shifts the question becomes, "Do you change the message or the packaging?" to stay relevant and profitable.





Like many entrepreneurs- Jenni P’s heart was to serve on a greater scale. And with her previous brands though they had met the greater scale part- they didn’t serve the audience fully.

Jenni P was completely open.  If it was to revive the online group that still existed from her previous online business, reuse the content, or start again- she just wanted to get her message out and be able to live and love her life. Not be absorbed by the business side of the brand.



The disconnect for Jenni P really was more of a revelation. That there was a completely new audience who would love her message just didn’t love her current packaging. And besides loving her message they would eagerly pay for her wisdom.



Jenni P’s message is her life’s work. They are one in the same. So creating a lifestyle brand was the smartest approach because it utilizes everything in her past, encourages all areas of her life to evolve, and allows for her offerings to grow as she does.

To add the neuro human branding™ aspect to her brand we played off of our human desire for true connection. Because her audience is a group seeking for answers to make lives and the world better we wanted to create true community and true experiences.

From the multi-sensory sales page to offer, connection and growth are clear. Offering peer to peer support is a way too for all to help and all to grow.

And instead of the offer being to buy the product and upgrade to the community. We made the upgrade about deepening your experience by working closer with Jenni P and helping others grow by sharing your own story.

  • Create an online community with "meat" and heart

  • Minimize the "woo" and maximize the science and ancient

  • Get Jenni on camera as much as possible

  • Create value via relationship not just added information

  • Be a multi-sensory experience



The work we decided to build her brand around was something already existing. Most entrepreneurs have a similar theme or message that their work always revolves around. This was the case with Jenni P.

The challenge for her and for many entrepreneurs is to see and speak of their existing work in a new light. We get so used to using the same verbiage or visuals that we don’t realize that there are other options.

It takes a bit of searching and willingness to rework and rethink - but it is possible. And by doing so you open your work up to a whole new audience while retaining the core of the message.



For Jenni P her content marketing approach is all about the story and the specific steps necessary for the transformation.

Short videos showing her life and sharing her message are perfect.  And because Jenni P is only one person, her video creation list is a combination of strategic pieces that we can “cut up” and share on other platforms and off the cuff pieces from her heart.

Once the Trinity Code™ community is live and active- sharing community member stories and interviewing community guest experts will add variety into her content marketing system. With Jenni P the end result is easy- come join us.

For Jenni P making sure that verbal and visual message is always balancing the spiritual, science, and ancient is crucial. If she does that, all Jenni P needs to be is herself. This is the audience that she has been looking for and that have been looking for her.

When you are so passionate about your work- don’t be scared to play all in. If your life reflects your work-then share your life. If your work is no longer transforming the lives of who you seek then change the way you share the message. The meaning of the message doesn’t need to change. Just be brave enough to create a new story that connects around your message.