Like many entrepreneurs, Jodi had various offers, but none were achieving her end goals. See how we streamlined her offers for optimal outcomes.





It is common for entrepreneurs to offer many different services that are seemingly unrelated: a coach, a speaker, a community founder, in a direct sales company, and offering print services. This was Jodi. Twenty million options- she could solve all your problems- yet she was solving no one's problems because that many offers makes your potential audience run away- not lean in.

After talking with Jodi it became clear that she wanted the chaos gone and to focus on her heart- helping women play all in. She wanted to travel with her husband and build a community online and offline for women to have drama free, adventure-filled lives. Whatever that may be for them.



Jodi seemed very clear about her vision. She had trademarked the name Moms Who Dare™ as a group for moms who were empty nesters and soon to be empty nesters. Because she had already had the name and target group trademarked. That defined who we were going after for us.



Because Jodi’s existing moms group of this target demographic was free online we decided to offer paid upgrades like Darecations- One-day adventures like shopping in NYC or Wine tasting in Napa. A way for Jodi to get her travel in and get paid.

Neuro human branding™ tells us that women are hardwired for sensory stimulation. So adding simple things like handwritten notes of encouragement mailed to members, copy with adjectives and verbs vs just logistics, visuals that were thought about for best lighting and sound. Making sure that the as many of the senses were triggered in a positive light to build her audiences attachment to the community and desire for the community was key.

Information carries little weight of value at this point. It is all about experiences, connections, and feelings. 

  • Create an age-appropriate, esthetically appealing site
  • Tie the idea of "dare" and "adventure" together to create harmony between the empty nester group and the speaking audience
  • Design Adventurous Women community for Jodi's speaking audience of nonempty nesters women with overarching themes/info that can be cross-promoted between both audiences
  • Bring the online groups offline and in person experiences and small touchpoints to these paid members
  • Repackaging existing Mom's Who Dare collateral to be more age appropriate and aesthetically appealing for these sophisticated women



Two days before the launch of her new brand Jodi experienced what I call Flip Flop Fear. Her all in go for it attitude ran away and the fear actually doing this. Actually making her dreams a reality struck.

This is totally common. No big surprise. With my one on one clients, we usually wait a few weeks and see where they are at. As I always say neuro experience branding is just as much of a mind game for you as it is for your client.

But clearly, this show experience didn’t afford us the luxury of time.

So if you find yourself in this flip-flop fear scenario don’t do anything with your brand or business. Walk away. Give yourself space. The only thing you should be doing is a lot of self-work. That can be active journaling, working on your subconscious blocks, EFT- anything to release the blocks and get to the root of the story going on. Because without the story gone- there is nothing to be done.

It isn’t a brand issue. It isn’t a business issue. It is a you issue. So yea it is you. And boo it is you.



Because Jodi is a one-woman show producing a lot of free content wasn’t possible. We created one Instagram, twitter, and Pinterest handle the idea of the dare/adventure. And then facebook would house her two paid communities. Moms Who Dare and Adventurous Women.

Neither group wanted a lame newsletter- let's be honest no one wants a newsletter.

To create a list building offer that had value- ADVWN online magazine was to be born. This monthly online magazine would feature article about mindset, motherhood, empty nesters, fashion, decor, travel, money- anything a woman would want to know about.

Instead of creating all of the content herself, Jodi would partner with other experts with similar audiences and complimentary offers. Each contributor could use the magazine as their sole lister builder or as an add-on.

The best part was that it exposed each contributor's work to new buyers.

Jodi came in with an impression management problem more than anything else. No one knew what she was about because there was no clear common denominator.

As I highly warned her when she told me she wanted to go back to Moms Who Dare only. If you do this you can NOT talk to any group or do anything where 90% of the audience is NOT empty nester or soon to be empty nester moms.

When your niche is so tight- expanding your message discriminates against the people who want to join you but don’t qualify. And broaden your group reach to all moms water downs your groups appeal of what empty nester moms go through.

Any deviation will destroy the brand and the business.

So the long game here is to make sure that every impression made be it visual or verbal, online or offline stays super true and clear to the empty nester mom audience. It will be a lot of saying no because this is such a niche, but that is part of the power and the beauty of being so defined. Not every opportunity is for you.