A pilates instructor and fitness buff who specializes helping people who are going through cancer. October 2016, Jenn went for her yearly physical with the best blood work and in the best health as possible- until a few days later when she got the call that she had breast cancer. Watch how we transform her existing brand to use her life and her story to her advantage. 





As entrepreneurs many times we have dreams that don’t become a reality not because we don’t want them too, but because we can’t see how to evolve from where we are now into where we want to go.  

Plus we find it difficult to find our unique voice because our personal story is too close for us to see the real message within.

Like most of the brands, Jenn wanted financial freedom to travel and enjoy her life with her husband. She doesn't want to be tied to her studio for her income, and she wanted to serve people going through cancer as well as their loved ones in a way not currently happening.



To serve a community both online and eventually in leveraged groups looks and feels way different from hourly work. To understand that the numbers work and that the transformation is doable is sometimes hard to believe when you are stuck on the time for money hamster wheel of life.



For Jenn, it was a natural choice to create a lifestyle brand for her community. And to support her one on one work we created a lifestyle approach out of her unique bodywork methodology. This way merges her existing one on one work with the community she is launching.

Very few audiences change their top needs or motives. The only time an audience's’ NERI™ (Neuro Emotional Relationship Intelligence™) profile changes are in periods of great transition: sickness, divorce, death. All three are either happening or high probability that it will be happening to Jenn’s community audience.

  • Design a brand approach that bridges Jenn's existing one on one work with her larger vision of community and more in-depth work

  • Visually create on online presence (website, social media, etc.) that is warm, engaging, supportive, and kick butt

  • Craft online service and product options to support the new community and begin to expand into the brand Jenn desires 



Freakouts happen during the branding process. It is just part of life. For Jenn, her very reserved, but freakout happened at Stage 3 the strategy. Her dreams were doable, the brand was doable, and the money was totally attainable. Which is really great and can be really scarey at the same time.

The good thing is that we had time to let that process. Jenn did the mental homework of envisioning how her everyday life would look and feel when this brand was fully realized.

And then a few days later- Jenn was ready to go and build this. Seeing how she transitions from her brand today to the brand of her dreams will be a process but there is a process. And it is a doable one.  

You see, branding is a deeply personal experience. The logistics of building a brand are easy: name, message, logo, website, social media, etc. But logistics are not your brand. Your brand is a mix of your story of who you are as a professional and who your audience is and what they want.

Showing all of who you are- yes somewhat refined- is key to building a  successful brand when you are your brand. Use your personality to your advantage. It is one the edges we have as entrepreneurs over corporate.



To launch the Be More Than Your Cancer Diagnosis™  Community we opted to go a combination of entertaining videos like “The 5 Ways TV Has Lied To You About Cancer” to educational ones for the community audience like “Understanding Your Doctor’s Code Talk: A Guide To Knowing What They Really Mean.” At this point, Jenn wants to take building the community slow. So we are launching the community as a free Facebook group that eventually when she is ready, will be primed to become a paid version.

Video is key for Jenn not just because of the  SEO benefits, but because it allows her audience to get to know her, her speech pattern, tone, and body language -all key elements in our nonverbal communication.

When it comes to the evolution of her brand as a community as well as her one on one services- Jenn just needs to be her honest, open, loving, badass self. As long as all of her work embodies that and she doesn’t edit herself because this seems more “professional” than that- I have no doubt that Jenn will be best-selling author leading intimate retreats around the world and helping people be more than their cancer diagnosis.