A serial entrepreneur, Emerald came to the show when she had outgrown her existing brand and was tired of the same old same old approach to serving the entrepreneurial leadership market.

WEBSITE: http://emeraldgreenforest.com




Successful in many careers, fields, and as an entrepreneur- Emerald felt like she outgrew her businesses personally faster than they evolved marketplace, reach, and financially.

Like many of us, Emerald wanted to help the world. Her natural leadership abilities and creative drive made her organically attract other creative age leaders. She wanted a brand where she could monetize her natural gifts while having her message help her grow personally not feel like she was limited to just this.


What most people don’t realize is that you can have a business that sees some success- money, notoriety, influence, and still not have a solid brand.

When you are your business- your creations, your ideas, your thoughts, your unique perspective- if you have a team or not- your brand must feed your desires. And that’s step one in the neuro human branding process- knowing the logistics and numbers about who you are and what you want.

You must be super clear on what YOU want: lifestyle wise, financially, and what you love to do.

Building a brand isn’t based on what you CAN do. It is based on what you LOVE to do.

Same thing with the money piece. It is just as much work brand wise to build a brand that makes 100k as it is to create a brand that will make you a multimillionaire.


Emerald was always clear that she was meant to serve the creative age leader. Because of this and her accelerated personal evolution, I knew the lifestyle brand approach would allow her to embody her work and organically evolve her work as she did personally.

The NERI™ profile of Emerald’s creative age leader isn’t the average entrepreneur. Her market is mainly male, does not want or need a cheerleader. They want clear, unwavering guidance and exclusive attention.

  • Design personalized, direct, and no-nonsense experience.

  • No freebie opt in.

  • Refined visuals and experience

  • Prequalify and get them talk with Emerald

  • Details. Details. Details.



The long game vs the short game.

If you are an information thought leader you know the drill.

  • Give your best away

  • Speak to the ladies because they buy

  • Create a large community

  • Ebook, free speaking, webinar series

  • Give all of this freely and happily to your potential people

This is the exact model Emerald and I began to build her brand towards. It was only after a few weeks of soul-searching that she realized that she didn't want to play this game again.

She didn’t want to give away lots of stuff. She didn’t want to speak for free, work for free, or attract the audience of the free. 



Because of this refined approach, everything is slimmed down. Linked In and Twitter will be her two main platforms of communication.

Instead of traditional blogging on her website, she will be posting articles on her Linked in profile.

Because she loves interviewing people, Her You Tube show Creative Age Leader Salon will launch where she interviews various current and up and coming creative age leaders.

Emerald’s biggest asset for content marketing is herself. Going to events, speaking at events and connecting with the creative age leader she wants to work with.

Managing the story is key for Emerald. Her brand approach is not about the quick sale so consistency and reliability are key to having her convert her relationships into capital.

Fro the impression management side, her struggle will always be about balancing her natural structural side with her love of the “woo” and spiritual. Unbalanced in her message either her visuals and or her words and she can begin to lose her audience. It is all about presenting a whole and balanced story.

You can truly build the life you want with your brand. You just have to be committed and stay the course. A great brand will accelerate your growth- but it still takes 2-3 years for you to be living the level of success you are looking for.