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Contracts, agreements, you know that legal “stuff”- we all know we need it. And most of us don’t do them or do them right.


A business agreement almost feels like a prenup. The internal dialogue of “So you are saying this isn’t going to work out.” “Clearly you don’t trust me.” “ I see you love getting paid more than you care about me.” runs on a loop through your head.

The truth is having your clients sign an agreement is more than smart business it helps them take your work together seriously.

So how do you nicely say, “OK, here is my contract. Sign it.“

Here are a few options.


1. Short And Sweet

Title:  Ready, Set, Go!

Body: Hey Sarah!

I hope you are ready to GO because we are.

Simply "sign" the attached contract and we will be goin'.

Starting the engines!



2. concise

Title: Clarity Is Divinity

Body:Clarity truly is divinity.

Because of this, attached is our work agreement.

It is a non "legal" way of saying what we are collaborating to create as well as what is expected from both of us as well.

If you have questions, just let me know.

If not, sign and let's get started.

Let's Make This Happen!



3. direct

Title: Let The Fun Begin

Body: Attached is the contract for our work together.

This covers both the  intellectual property side as well as the deliverables side.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am super excited about working with you.

This Is Going To Be Fun!

Ali Craig