In this digital age, the media has given paper a brand wrap.


All of the gurus talk about online, digital, fast, sleek and cool. And let’s be honest on some level, digital really makes paper feel passe.

Yet there is a revolt a foot and your brand experience can take part.

Though we know that digital is better for the environment the love affair with paper journals and agendas is growing daily.

Now this does not mean to create a journal or agenda product to sale to

 your audience, but you can add paper back into your brand’s experience.

How about:

· Real printed brochures?

· Real welcome packs?

· Real tangible gifts?

· Real business cards?

· Real “thank you” notes?

· Real printed meeting notes?


Though adding paper into your brand  experience may be a bit more costly, but it will convert for your brand better.


Here is how:

· By engaging the senses (sight, touch, and smell) you are  creating a larger memory in your  receiver's mind about your brand

· Tangible gifts say “ I love and care about you” more than a gift card does any day

· Cool printed business cards are the perfect blend of art and business making people want to keep them

· A handwritten thank you note tells a lot about your personality and in turn creates a deeper relationship and  connection with your audience

· Going the extra distance by printing the notes allows the  receiver to better take in the material and absorb the topic

So if you are looking for an easy way to make your brand more powerful, add some paper to it.