We hear so often about defining your niche.

We are told to refine, define, and hone the audience we want to serve.  We spend hours and hours, take days of our time, going to conferences, coaches, and spend a hell of a lot of cash all for  defining your niche.

We are so focused on the who we serve that we forget to define the how we serve.

Now I’m not talking about the logistics of the transaction. I’m sure you have that down. I’m talking about defining who you are and what you are about through this brand for yourself and for your audience. What type of experience, interactions, and impressions are you and your niche going to have?

Few people stop to think about this. They start doing. Checking the tangibles off their to do lists and somehow through that action- they assume that the “who they are” via this brand will be defined.

The short answer is it doesn’t happen that way.

And honestly we have this all wrong.


There is power in defining your brand. Clarity and confidence that come by defining your brand

Because when you define your brand you set the limits. You set the quality level. You set the tone. You set the experience. You set the level of intimacy. You decide what you want. And by deciding factors like these, your niche naturally gets defined.

The retailer, Neiman Marcus, could have chosen for their brand to be a low price leader. Instead they chose for their brand to be the definition of excellence, service, and integrity. They chose what their brand was about first. They defined how they wanted to work. What experiences they wanted to have for their staff, and in doing that their clients defined themselves.

How do you start to define your brand?

Start with You.

What do you want? What kind of life do you want to have? What do you want to do day in and day out? Because once we know what you want decisions can be made on all of the logistics.

And once you know what you want,

Who Does It Create?

When you look at where you want to be, where you want to go, how you want to live, what you want to do- who would love to be your partner in crime?

When you choose to define your brand, you get to have the life and work that you want. Decisions about which project to take on or event to go to become clear because your brand definition is clear.



With over 18 years of branding knowledge- international consultant, speaker, 3x best selling author, producer, and strategist- Ali Craig has worked with everyone from  industry titans to the underdogs. And that is where her passion lies- The Underdogs.

Ali is an energetic expert who knows how to make large ideas doable for anyone who is serious about taking action and creating an influential brand. With her Neuro Human Branding™ method, Ali weaves science, psychology, design, and human nature into an easy to apply system that any brand can use to grow their audience's connections, conversions, and community. 

Ali Craig can be regularly seen on national television shows across the country and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Daily News, and the Denver Post.