There's an age old adage that business is not personal.

That's just total BS.


Maybe it's old information. Maybe it's just old stories that are coming along. But the truth is is that your brand is actually deeply personal.

Your brand is a deeply personal experience.

As an entrepreneur, you're using your personality to get your brand out there because that's actually what a brand is.

Brands were created back when we had products to sell but no people attached to them- aka the Industrial Revolution. We created this idea of a brand to give a human personality to an inanimate object.

Humans created the idea of the brand to give a human personality to inanimate objects because people love people.

So, guess what?

Your brand is deeply personal.

And that means your personal and professional lives meld together, especially in this day and age of social media.

Today’s brands are a blend of personal and professional online and offline.

So, yes how you come across at the soccer field, and how you come across in the boardroom all matter. Now, do people understand that, if I'm meeting you at the gym, you're gonna come across slightly different than if I'm meeting you at a networking event? Of course. But, all of these impressions still add up to who you are. And who you are is personal as well as professional.

All the impressions you make, both personally and professionally add up to who you are and what you are about.

So, what are these impressions saying about you? And do you realize how many impressions you really are making a day?

You're making in person impressions. People see you from across the room. But you're also making impressions online that are things you maybe even put out years and years ago, but people are still seeing to this day.


Most professionals make over 10,000 impressions per day.

On average, most professionals make over 10,000 impressions per day, when you look at their personal and professional lives, online and offline.

That's massive.

Few of us are actually stop and use our impressions to our advantage.

So, let's get rid of this old story that business is separate from personal, and let's start using the power of who we are, both personally and professionally, to make the impressions that we are already making matter more, achieve the goals that we want to more, and achieve and advance our lives both personally and professionally sooner.