I have been doing this branding game long before we called it branding.

And guess what?

There's a couple of simple rules that still work for today's brains and our society.

The truth is that odd sells.

We all know it.

Humans naturally like oddity.

But yet, we don't.

We see every single day on YouTube, on Facebook ads, you see these zany, crazy, kind of gross-looking advertisements that are just odd. You know it's photoshopped, you know it's fake, you know it's not real. But it entices you.

So why?

Why does it entice you?

Number one, it's intriguing. Our brains like to try and figure out puzzles.

Puzzle makes us go the next step.

But does it really make us buy?

Humans are puzzle people, but that doesn’t make us buy.

The answer is no.

The answer is your brain won't buy from something that's odd.

Odd makes your brand interesting, but it doesn’t get your brand sold.

You don't actually trust odd.

To trust it, it has to be like you. That's why the phrase, "Know, like, trust," is so huge in branding and marketing today. The truth is that we like people, things, objects that are like us.

Odd Sales 1.jpg

Humans trust items and people like themselves.

Like attracts like. This is part of our mirroring complex that we have as human beings. That when you're around somebody that mirrors your behavior or your beliefs or your actions, you automatically feel more at home, more trusting in that situation.

So when it comes to your brand, know that odd doesn't necessarily get you the sell. It may get you the click, through.

And what is your endgame?

If your endgame is purely for the click, then go with the odd. But if your endgame is for the sale, for the relationship, for the long term effort, then you need to go to the fact that like attracts like.

If your brand is about the short term sale, go odd. If your brand is about longer term relationships go with like attracting like.

If you are going for the “like attracts like” branding approach then go for the heart (biologically and psychologically) over the head.

This is where Neuro Human Branding™ comes in.

Neuro Human Branding™ is all about understanding the true story of what drives your audience. That heart.

And when your story and their story matches, guess what?

You have a brand relationship made in heaven and you don't have to do all that crazy oddball stuff that doesn't actually serve you or your brand.

When your brand story matches your audience’s personal story- magic happens.

Ali Craig