Let’s talk about that whole myth about giving to getting.

The idea is that you have to give to get. Now this isn't necessarily give your best away, that's a different method. This is about in any position that you're in, you have to give a little something to get a little something.

There's science behind this, but sometimes we misuse the science all too much.

Basically, yes, if you give somebody something, then they already feel committed to you to do something in return. In most cases when it comes to your brand, that's buy your product. But, is that really the best way to start your brand relationship?

Reciprocity isn’t always the best way to start a brand relationship.

By  starting your brand relationship out of a forced reciprocity situation, not an authentic evolution, there's two main ways that that brand relationship will play out.

(1)The Obligatory Ick

If your audience feels obligated to purchase (aka meet that Direct Sale “home party” scenario we have all been in), then yes you will get the sale. But you will leave your audience feeling icky because they didn't really want to do it. And most likely they purchase was small. So neither party is happy.

(2)The Choice

Now, if you create a brand relationship where you're not manipulating your audience’s natural tendency. Do you close as many sales? Maybe not, but the sales you do close, the ones that do say yes, chose to.

Reciprocity can either give you short term success of long term gain.

There's power in the fact that your audience chooses you. In the simple act of choosing your audience is more likely to use your product or service, engage with you and be that ideal customer that loves you because their relationship began from their choice, not their obligation.

There is huge power when your audience chooses you.

Many people think that such a small, minor, little, minute instinct wouldn't' matter but the truth is it does because it starts the subconscious story as well as the energetic heart frequency of how they feel about you and your brand all on the path of either going down obligation or going down choice.

Reciprocity plays with our subconscious story and biological energetic frequency.

As we all know that when we get to choose what we're looking for, there's power in our choice and therefore we consistently chose it over and over again.

When get to choose once, our human nature leads us to make the same choice over and over again.

Give your audience a say when it comes to giving them what they want. Don't necessarily give to get. Make sure that you're giving from a place of pure authenticity and that the more important thing is that you're actually giving from a place where you're just truly giving, not to receive, but just to give. This will allow your audience to choose you over your competition.

Authentic giving far outweighs any obligation any day.