We've all heard the buzz word "transparency", right?

It has been around for the last eight or so years at this point. Just like the word "authentic" in the early 2000s, the word "transparency" does not mean what it meant anymore.

Here is the truth.

Your audience doesn't really want transparency. They don't want to know your struggles. They don't want to know your pain as a business, or as a brand.

Your audience doesn't really want transparency. They want an honest relationship.

That is what the science and psychology of Neuro Human Branding™ teaches.

What your audience does want to know is that you're not taking advantage of them.

What they do want to know is that you really do have their best interest at heart.

Your audience does not want transparency, as much as they just want an honest relationship with you.

And that's really what it all boils down to.

Have a true relationship with your audience versus having a transaction.

If you are relationship focused with your brand will be smart, psychologically driven, and desirable. Plus, it will be the best relationship you and your audience has ever had. Which makes your brand more powerful and those audience members, your brand ambassadors.

Relationship focused with your brand cretes organic social proof marketing and passionate brand ambassadors.

But none of this happens by being transparent. This happens by having a great brand relationship.