Let’s talk about custom work?

I love custom.

Custom is my jam.

Custom work is highly overlooked in the society of DIY.

So, what is best for you?

Most people say, "Stop with the custom and start with the masses." Start doing mass coaching. Start offering DIY where you can offer a mass-based product. Is that smart for your brand?

Well, that really depends on what you're about.

There is no “set it and forget it” in selling.

The truth is, is that we all love the idea of just selling while we're asleep or we're on vacation. The sales magically happen and the money magically makes it into our account.

The truth is that a product or coaching product all requires nurture and tending to, as well. It isn't just created, and let it be. You have to still do work.

No matter what you sell, it requires nurturing your audience.

What does your heart really want? What works best for your brand?

You have to know what your audience is about, and who they really are.

There could be a place for you to have a DIY product. But don't get rid of custom, just because that's what the masses say.

No one really wants DIY. We all want custom.

The truth is, that we all want custom. And that's the DIY-ers want, too. They just don't have the budget for it.

If you love custom, keep your custom work. And share with your audience why it matters,how custom can never be duplicated by DIY and never can be duplicated by mass market anything.

Custom work can never be duplicated. It can only be half ass replicated.

Custom work is that powerful.

When you share the truth of your custom work with your audience, and you let the mass naysayers go to the wayside, guess what?

You may not have thousands and thousands of clients, but you will have thousands and thousands more dollars in your bank account.

And that's a pretty damn good thing.