Let’s talk about instant.

Seemingly, everyone wants everything instantly, and the truth is, we're to blame.

But though we are obsessed with instant, I have a feeling just like with my work, your work isn't necessarily instant.

No matter how quick, no matter if you even have an e-product, it's not instant. It doesn't just buy it and gets magically created. There's time, there's a process, there's a system that must be gone through.

So, how can you overcome your audience's obsession with instant?

You gotta retrain your audience.

It sounds difficult, and the truth is it isn't the easiest thing, but it is up to us as brand to control the conversation and let our audiences know purely from the factual standpoint that nothing in life is instant.

Nothing great is instant.

You even have to wait for fast food. That isn't even instant.

Your audience wants quality, expertise and customization and that doesn’t happen instantly.

It takes time because guess what?

We're human, we're not robots, we're not machines, and even AI takes time as well and AI has not advanced enough to truly be all that great when it comes to creating the brand message and creating the relationships that we're looking for.

So, when it comes to having that feeling of “I have to have everything instantly accessible to my clients,” guess what?

If you can’t or don’t want to live up to the expectations your clients say they want - then change the story.

Be flat out ballsy enough to say, "What I offer to you is freaking amazing, but it's not gonna be instant, but it will be on time, it will be under budget, and it will be more than what I promised to you. I will deliver to you more than what was promised and it will be exceeding your expectation, because guess what? Instant is just in and out. I'm here for the relationship."

When you change the story with your audience, they stop thinking about instant and they start thinking about how amazing your work or your product is and how transformational it can be for their lives and for their businesses.

Change the conversation from the obsession with instant's to the obsession with themselves and the transformation you offer.

Trust me, they'll like that conversation just as well.